Tax Planning

Beat the IRS at their own game!

Beat the IRS at their own game! We maximize your future returns through short-term and long-term strategies, so you can retain and grow your money and reach savings goals faster. We’re fully remote, so you can upload documents directly into our firm’s secure file share software through TaxDome. We make tax planning simple and productive for you!

Tax-Saving Strategies that Help You Keep More Money

Planning is the key to effectively and efficiently reducing tax liabilities. We at Tax-Secure Wealth work throughout the year to find new ways to save you money – not just at tax time. We advocate for you with a forward-thinking, proactive approach, so Uncle Sam only gets what he’s legally entitled to receive.

Predicting Future Tax Liabilities

Paying less to the IRS is more likely to happen when you’ve looked ahead to predict future tax liabilities. We guide you toward your financial goals by communicating with you and learning about your income sources as well as your spending, saving, and investing habits. We collaborate with you to develop tax-saving strategies, such as:

  • Deferring income to lower your current tax bracket
  • Innovative distribution structures
  • Uncovering the tax credits you qualify for
  • Cost basis analysis with cryptocurrency staking, mining, and minting
  • 3-Way communication with you, your tax specialist, and your financial advisor
  • Reducing taxes on future retirement distributions

Building a Long-Term Relationship

Tax-Secure Wealth is here for you! We build a long-term relationship with you that’s based on trust, professionalism, and innovative expertise. We’ll work together to empower you by implementing customized tax strategies. Your life’s circumstances change as you grow, and we keep things on track, so your trajectory moves successfully forward!

Tax Planning that Goes Beyond the Norm

Every small business wants to keep its tax burden low to maximize profits and have money to grow. We’ll strategize with you on nimble methods of profit distribution, and plan for taking advantage of every possible tax deduction. Tax-Secure Wealth is tenacious when it comes to taxes. We “color within the lines” when it comes to local, state, and federal regulations, while creatively conceptualizing with you, on how to get your money flowing most freely.

Whether you’re in an entrepreneurial/startup situation where “lean and mean” is the name of the game, or if you’re a bon vivant who’s recently acquired a significant amount of wealth in a windfall, we’ll chart you through to smooth tax sailing up ahead. Life is about choices, and choosing Tax-Secure Wealth just makes sense. Let us help you retain and grow your money.

We can do it, and you deserve it!