Jobs well done (and even rare!…but never roasted ; )
"Working with Demetri was an absolute pleasure! Had him prepare my tax returns and couldn't have asked for a better experience - professional, pleasant and was happy to "walk" me through any technical or emotional concerns. Outstanding value and I highly recommend his services!!!"
- Nadja hoyer-booth
"Super professional and straight to the point. The whole process of doing taxes was a breeze with his guidance. Honestly I always felt like I understood everything I needed until we started discussing financial strategy. Now I can clearly see where I could be smarter. Definitely give Demetri a try if you're considering it!"
- Arnav Sharma
"Demetri is a professional. He is pretty prompt in responses and has an excellent understanding of taxes. I would definitely be going back to him for next year. He made the entire process so seamless. Would definitely recommend."
- Raghav Khaitan
"I recently decided to start my own pet grooming business. And although I'm knowledgeable in my field, I don't have clue on how to deal with taxes. But Demetri made it so much easier and explained everything in a way that the average person can understand. He's definitely a must have for small businesses."
- Chrissy Katsenios
"He’s the best! Before him I was completely lost with organizing my monies at all. He helped me put things together, organize them, understand them, understand money that is coming in and is going out, and I didn’t need to do anything! That helped me not only to do what I love and produces money for me, but to understand the flow of the money that was coming in and make adjustments, plans, and investments as needed and allowed :))"
- Gigi Charalambous
"Demetri is personable, professional, patient, and has great follow up skills. Definitely recommend him."
- Cindy Samuelson
"Amazing! He is very well spoken and explained this complicated process to me thoroughly. He also responds quickly to my emails even on weekends. I never had to worry about his quality of work. "
- Kelle Lalier
"Demetri has gone above and beyond with everything he has done for us. We honestly could not have found a better person to do our taxes and help us with our bookkeeping needs."
Natalie Karpov
"Demetri is courteous, helpful, and a fast worker. He prepared my taxes quickly and even caught mistakes my old accountant made! Definitely going back to him next tax season, and highly recommend!"
- Evangelos Anastassatos
"My name is Doctor John L Poulson I want the whole world to know that Demetri is one of the best professional Bookkeeper one could hire, and not only that he has a wonderful personality that won me over with his professionalism and good quality of work ethics, Demetris has done the best work a Bookkeeper could do for a organization like mines , if you give him a chance he will do the same for you, HE IS THE BEST HIRE HIM."
- Doctor John L Poulson
"Excellent service and my taxes were prepared quickly. Answered all of my questions."
- Marcus Brutus
"Demetri is patient, professional, and answers all of my many questions!"
- Toyae Liverpool

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