Cryptocurrency Taxes

Bridging the gap between Crypto and the IRS

“The what now?” “Crypto Schmypto!” Is this the reaction you’ve received from old-school tax professionals, when it comes to your investments in cryptocurrency? Is their concept of mining, minting, and wallets limited to coal in a cave, breath fresheners, and well-worn leather cash-holders? Break free of their befuddlement and let Tax-Secure Wealth help you make sense of what’s new! We speak crypto. We get it. We’re experienced in what needs to be done when it comes to organizing and streamlining your cryptocurrency activity and getting it all together, so you can avoid getting dinged by the IRS. New ways call for new thinking, and Tax-Secure Wealth is on it.

  • We offer a Free Crypto Assessment, to show you how we can accurately report your crypto income/trades, and how we’re able to fix mistakes.

We can find errors such as: missing basis transactions, off-chain transactions, sidechain/transfers reported as disposals, missing addresses, incorrectly recorded swaps, etc. We’ll add up the gains/losses which may have been misreported and get you on the road to filing an amendment; so Uncle Sam remains at a comfortable distance, rather than breathing down your neck. We know and understand how fluid cryptocurrency is, and we’re nimble and innovative in how we’re able to get things organized for you. While crypto in general may seem risky to some, when it comes to Tax-Secure Wealth’s Free Crypto Assessment, there’s no risk for you at all. We’ll consult with you, collaborate to get your crypto action together, and amend whatever needs correcting, so you’re tax compliant.

Problem Solved.


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