Bookkeeping & Reporting

Make sense of the numbers

Detailed, impeccable bookkeeping reports are the hallmark of a successful business. While mindfully adhering to IRS regulations, we generate seamless, easy-to-read reports. And since we’re fully remote, we make it convenient for you to upload your documents directly into our firm’s secure file share software through TaxDome. Safe, secure, easy-to-access, collaborative…that’s the foundation of how we get you organized for success!

Finances Don’t Have to be Overwhelming

Freaked out about spreadsheets and receipts? Transaction ledgers a blur? Are the only books you want to keep, those that you read for pleasure? Do you sometimes avoid the bookkeeping side of your business because quite frankly, it’s a PITA? The struggle is real, but so are financial mishaps that cost you money, and no one wants that in their life. Here’s where we can help you!

Tax-Secure Wealth does the bookkeeping for you, so you can concentrate on what you really want to focus on: growing your business!

Our professional bookkeeping and reporting services include:

  • Daily financial recording
  • Daily bank account monitoring
  • QuickBooks Online maintenance
  • Cost basis analysis of crypto (acquiring, staking, minting, mining)
  • Comprehensive monthly bookkeeping reports
  • Tax-ready financials

The Importance of an On-Point Paper Trail

Your business goals include improving the bottom line, while staying copacetic with the rules of the IRS. Precise bookkeeping is crucial to both, and paramount to presenting your business as being tax compliant. You will need thorough documentation of purchases, sales, inventory, payroll, refunds, bank transactions, checks and distributions paid, and cash transactions. Strong bookkeeping records provide solid documentation to support your business activity and are a key component of its success.

Reporting goes further by taking a deep dive into your records to organize them into charts, graphs, and tables. These documents provide company leadership with valuable insights regarding profitability, vendor overpay, available cash, and budgeted vs. actual expenses. While the content is of utmost importance to your business, tending to the minutiae can be a time suck. Save yourself time and release the frazzled energy by simply handing off this tediousness to Tax-Secure Wealth! We’ll punctually and professionally put the puzzle pieces together for you, so you’ll easily meet IRS recordkeeping requirements. We can help, we do it well, we do it on time, and you can count on us to get it right. Every day, every month, every year.

Why Use Tax-Secure Wealth for your Bookkeeping and Reporting

Small businesses turn to us for several reasons. Here are the most common:

  • Your current bookkeeper is doing an insufficient job
  • You cannot clearly discern by how much or even if your business is profitable
  • You file your tax return late every year due to trouble with gathering your documents
  • You have failed an IRS audit
Tax-Secure Wealth can turn your discouragement into amazement! We aim to delight by providing impeccable service when it comes to bookkeeping. We are enthused and humbly happy to balance your books and deliver daily on keeping things in order! We communicate openly and are available for you with transparency and accountability. We are IRS-compliant professionals who keep ourselves updated on the latest tax rules, so we can provide you with precise and punctual bookkeeping, to help you and your business succeed!

Let us know how we can help, and we’ll get it done.

It’s that simple.